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Text Box: Aids for Daily Living
Bath & Safety Aids
Compression Stockings
Diabetic Supplies
Foam Cushions
Hospital Beds and Related
Hot Cold Therapy
Incontinence Products
Lifts and Ramps
Lift Chairs
Manual Wheelchairs
Mobility Scooters
Orthopedics Supply
Pain Management
Patient Lifts
Power Wheelchairs
Rehab Therapy
Respiratory Care
Sleep Therapy
Walking Aids
Wheelchair Cushions
Wound Care
Text Box: Single Point Canes
Quad Canes
Rehab Walking Aids

Text Box: Walking Aids
Text Box: Manual Wheelchairs
Text Box: Power Wheelchairs
Text Box: Transport Wheelchairs
Standard Wheelchairs
Lightweight Wheelchairs
Ultra Light Wheelchairs
Reclining Wheelchairs
Custom Pediatric Wheelchairs
Text Box: Travel Power Wheelchairs
Mid-Wheel Power Wheelchairs
Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs
Custom Power Wheelchairs
Specialty Driving Controls
Batteries & Chargers
Text Box: Mobility Scooters
Text Box: 3-Wheel Travel Scooters
4-Wheel Travel Scooters
3-Wheel Scooters
4-Wheel Scooters
Heavy Duty Scooters
Scooter Accessories

Text Box: Lift Chairs
Text Box: 2-Position Lift Chairs
3-Position Lift Chairs
Infinite Position Lift Chairs
Heavy Duty Lift Chair
Seat Lifts

Text Box: Respiratory Care
Text Box: CPAP Units
CPAP Masks
Aerosol Therapy
Oxygen Concentrators
Portable Concentrators
Pulse Oximeters
Text Box: Bath Safety
Text Box: Shower Chairs
Transfer Benches
Grab Bars
Shower Commodes
Rehab Shower Chairs
Bath Lifts

Text Box: Lifts and Ramps
Text Box: Vehicle Lifts for Powerchairs
Vehicle Lifts for Scooters
Suitcase Ramps
Stair Lifts
Vertical Platform Lifts

Text Box: Hospital Beds and Bed Related
Text Box: Homecare Beds
Orthopedic Beds
Hospital Bed Rails
Support Surfaces
Over Bed Tables
Transfer Boards

Text Box: Patient Lifts
Text Box: Manual Patient Lifts
Electric Patient Lifts
Stand-Up Patient Lifts
Heavy Duty Patient Lifts
Portable Electric Lifts

Text Box: Compression Stockings
Text Box: Jobst Stocking for Women
Jobst Stocking for Men
Jobst Travel Socks
Sensifoot Diabetic Socks
Jobst Stocking Donner

Text Box: Orthopedic Supply
Text Box: Knee Braces
Ankle & Foot Braces
Arm & Shoulder Braces
Body & Back Supports
Wrist Supports
Hernia Belts

Text Box: Incontinence
Text Box: Disposable Briefs
Pull Up Underwear
Bladder Control Pads
Urinals & Bedpans
Wipes & Gloves

Text Box: Daily Living Aids
Text Box: Standing Aids
Dressing Aids
Eating Aids
Medication Trays
Bathing Aids

Text Box: Rehab Therapy
Text Box: Exercise Peddlers
Electric Exercise Peddlers
Over The Door Pulleys
Standing Frames
Rifton Tricycles
Rifton Gait Trainers
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The Home Medical Equipment Specialists

Casa Medical is an Accredited organization.  Providing the highest quality of home medical equipment for your every day needs.

Live independently and safely
with peace
of mind.

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